$762 profit ANTH Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this bad sushi stock (see my http://traderchecklist.com guide if you don't know what that is) on this positive article http://tim.ly/2l09euH claims a $3/share value on this under 70 cent/share stock, I think that's excessive, but this is a good setup to go tot he .80s or .90s so that's my goal today or tomorrow

Exit comments: Got only a little followup spike on that Seeking Alpha article, but now it's looking like a triple top in the .73-.74 range and volume is drying up so I'm playing it extra safe, CNBX dip buy in the $3s to the $4s was a better choice

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TBosak Feb 22, 17 12:13 PM

@timothysykes Are you worried about the resistance at .72 from a few days ago?

Niumxp666 Feb 22, 17 12:36 PM

I'm sure he knows about .72 but if the stock can't break it ..just sell..

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[TimAlerts] $ANTH big gap down recently, 2-bad SA articles / mentions in the last 3-days, no recent news or filings. Suspect to me. Not my style. :)


[TimAlerts] $ANTH broke .70, looking for it to breakout tomorrow morning in the .80s if not will take profits

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