$1,260 profit BDR Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative position on this patent spiker, former supernova so it can run if it keeps up with the volume, goal is to sell in the 2s, cut losses quickly if wrong

Exit comments: Nice little midday winner here, this is just the latest reason why you NEED http://tim.ly/breaking as these plays move fast and there's solid $ to be made if you're prepared, just taking my single here, not getting greedy

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Windwalzer Oct 14, 20 9:04 AM

Dip buy above previous high. Thank you.

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Daily recap here: https://tim.ly/3gdulpK $1,605 for me today, best trade was that RLFTF spiker where I took the meat of the move and played it safely, but I'm prouder of students who banked all on their own on $BDR NMTR so retweet if you understand self-sufficiency is key here! Now onto give a challenge webinar!

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