[TimAlerts] BioTime Affiliate, Asterias Biotherapeutics, Announced Positive Interim Efficacy Data From Trial in Patients With Complete Cervical Spinal Cord Injuries $BTX 


[TimAlerts] I'm still watching $BTX not sure what to think of it. Strange how it stuck at 3.50 yesterday.


[TimAlerts] $BTX just presented at an investors conference on wednesday and they are presenting in new york monday there cap is 360M and float is 62.78M 3 days of uptrending with a 60 cent spike that held yesterday..... IS anyone watching them i gave them an 84 on my prepare just curious on other ppls thoughts and numbers


[TimAlerts] what is the deal with $BTX ? I'm not sure it hasn't moved from 3.50 since early this morning

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