$595 profit CEOS Long Stock

Entry comments: Buying this giant panic, best dip after TRKA today, looks to be just 1 big seller, goal is to sell into a bounce in the .05s, wish I got more, CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning play here

Exit comments: I really wish they could all be this easy, but sadly these intraday panics have been rare, today is just exceptional with this and TRKA which I actually missed, but many students nailed...I'll review both in my http://tim.ly/sykeschalllenge webinar starting in 2 hours!

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tupuad Mar 07, 12:35 PM

Thanks Tim, good work!

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-$135 loss CEOS Long Stock

Entry comments: The CEO of this recent runner just tweeted this https://tim.ly/3Z0GMw0 teasing a PR next week as they previously announced this https://tim.ly/3EfGWYH in late January and the stock was spiking nicely so let's see how far this can...as it turns out its now a multiday breakout too, goal is to sell in the .09s or .10s as it should keep going in anticipation of the new PR likely coming next week

Exit comments: It's just not bouncing like I wanted and while there's likely a press release coming soon, I don't like this price action/inability to bounce along with the ugly overall markets so I'll just cut losses here to be safe. Small losses are NOT fun, but they're a part of the game and far better than big losses!

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Lobo23Benzo Feb 21, 9:57 PM

Thanks Tim , cut losses quickly !

sllilac4644 Feb 21, 10:26 PM

Darn! I was sorry I hadn’t caught it to sell for a smaller loss this morning but saw your previous post about your expectations and decided to hold a bit longer. Hope it isn’t another hlbz, my first trade and a big loss!

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