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RichieRichW Jun 13, 8:51 AM

I've been seeing these kinds of chart patterns all too often. I say that because I end up getting out taking a loss then the stock ends up going higher and I regret not holding. But then when I do hold I get screwed. So I think I am missing something that would allow me to see the difference between the late winners and losers. I guess I need to be watching more of your videos to find out what it is I am not seeing. But there are so many factors that can make the difference.

robertfire Jun 13, 6:48 PM

@timothysykes , you don't have to use calculator, look this is a tool that I developed quick to know %, just has a little bug, if the overall says "-" really is "+" and viceversa lol (I'll fix it later): but this give me percents, I can send you the archives, you can use it offline too. (This is my fist day with your alerts) thanks for all! Regards

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[SuperAlerts] CFRX beautiful chart. I'd rather have it take time to nicely form that right shoulder than a pop and drop

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