[TimChallenge] Ahhhhh I see Faizans I consolidate the two chats to all in one and what you are missing out on is the Tim Alerts Chat - there was a mix up on CNBC talking about $CYTX when they meant to discuss $CYTK - sorry for the mix up.


[TimAlerts] For what it's worth, I read on the comments on yahoo.finance for $CYTX that CNBC made a mistake mentioning them instead of $CYTK for a price target of $21


[TimChallenge] huh? I just scrolled through the chat again to check if i missed it but legit only XGTI, APTO , DRYS, EGLT, TPLM....ps: you corrected yourself with $CYTK... then again you just wrote $CYTX ?? Looking at the two I assume you mean $CYTX?

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