Midday approaching. Nothing spectacular. Missed $EDAP. Will keep eye on it into power hour. Market looks a little slow, in a state of a small correction at this point. Nothing major, waiting for that 30 percent drop in the overall market soon. Cash is king.

trader1701 Jul 25, 10:48 AM

30% is just a number, not sure how far the correction will send markets down.

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Flockstock Jun 17, 17 2:41 PM

There is not enough time to worry about time deadlines on trading ... One small step for traders, one giant leap for knowledge accounts everywhere .... Forcing trades causes you lose faster than waiting for the best setups ... Good habits are easier than correcting bad habits ... With bad habits you waste the time you thought you had ...

kevin_113 Jun 17, 17 7:04 PM

Thanks for posting the Webinar. I'm trying to go back and watch all of the Webinars that I have missed. Wish I could watch them Live. Still working 9-5. Sometimes I can hit Croock's webinars at lunch cause it's earlier in the day. In the Mean time I will still be watching all of the DVD's and Video Lessons. I will do the Trader Checklist homework too! Thanks for all of the good suggestions. You are a great motivational teacher!

zaraza Jun 19, 17 8:03 AM

thankyou Tim

Latinatrader Jun 19, 17 4:11 PM

Done with Traders Checklist, ordered Enemy at the gates and Psychology of trading can't wait to get them and dig in!

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[TimAlerts] wow $EDAP just popped on the short watch scanner but also on the launch pad means it will need a decent pull back no play on this till it gets off 1 scanner or another mixed feeling on this due to low volume

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