$LIFE TRADE- FGD WITH STRONG VOLUME, had held gains well and was looking like it was curling and thought i would get a nice spike to new highs which we did for a split second before the stock just sold off huge in 1 min over million shares; has been happening recently where they look like they're going to spike and then they dip; thought about buying when it held VWAP and was going sideways- would of been a great buy but was frustrated

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Watching my $LIFE go up lol . I kept hearing VWAP on steady trade and I think it's a good indicator to use for myself. If its under it, that's a bad sign. The time of day is not good. It's from the top percent gainers. I adjusted my account to have only $2000 paper trade money. 4.47 M shares traded. In 1000 @ $1.06. Risking off support at $1.01. My prediction: Maybe it will test the day high of $1.12. I think to check previous resistance for other time frames which I didn't do yet.

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[TimAlerts] got my eyes on $LIFE today.. mid range for now but its been trading between 3.75 and 2.5 for 9 months so if its near either key level im getting in $$$

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