$1,710 profit NTN Long Stock

Entry comments: Thank you http://stockstotrde.com social media search tool for help me see this is being pumped as the next CIDM/GNUS entertainment play, low float so it could really run, I'll try a small position but cut losses quickly, goal is to sell in the 2s, already hit that once today I think it can get back there and possibly breakout too

Exit comments: Couldn't quite get back to the 2s so I'll take smaller gains on this one, playing safe today, don't want to get too aggressive,

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Windwalzer Jun 04, 8:23 PM

Dip buy after HOD. Study study study. Thank you.

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-$2,926 loss NTN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner near the bottom of its recent range between $7-$9/share since they spiked big after earnings at the beginning of May, I'll have a detailed video lesson on this position shortly, but this company has some big contracts, new products and some giant hedge funds have been increasing their stakes so I think this can spike 20-40% in the coming weeks when more people realize the story/situation here

Exit comments: I sold my remaining shares now into this big bounce off the lows, I'll do a video lesson review on this entire trade this weekend so be sure to watch it as it's important to learn from your losses EVEN MORE than from your gains

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gofast May 31, 17 6:16 PM

Great, thank you Tim!!

WaterSGT Jun 02, 17 11:01 PM

I'm in, watching with an exit plan.

Sitansh25598 Jun 05, 17 1:57 PM

I have recently joined your program on May 19 and just took long-term position on this one but I am losing on my first trade. Not sure why you have selected this stock if it is not a long-term swing candidate? Based on your arguments in the video, this company has great potential and it should come back, so I will hold couple more days.

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