$1,050 profit NTN Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner spiking, just broke day high, goal is to make 5-10%, would love to see the 3s, not sure if it can get there in this market thoough

Exit comments: Whewwww, what a rush, new highs , big volume but tons of sellers too s I'll play safe in this ugly market, take singles

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NeilM1968 Aug 13, 20 10:44 AM

Got in on your SN Alert today at 500 x 3.7899, out at $4.07 for $147 gain (7.4%). Bought immediately on the alert, held through the halt and bailed for my first trade.

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Retweet/favorite this https://tim.ly/2YN1i5O if you love this market as much as I do, $NTN and IMTE WATT big early runners

ocampo25 Jun 17, 20 9:32 AM

I need a little help here

ocampo25 Jun 17, 20 9:33 AM

trying to sell NTN but ronhood will not let me fill the order its asking me to set a limit

patbigalke Jun 17, 20 9:52 AM

Bought NTN yesterday before close and cashed out this morning with a $120 profit. Biggest profit yet. I'm learning. It will probably run now, but I'm happy with my largest profit ever since starting with you Tim. Thanks a MILLION.

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