MITO and $SSY look like the same chart. I was focused on MITO because the chart looked cleaner to me, so I missed out on SSY. Level 2 is helpful when making a play. I was watching SSY in the 3.38 price, but I was scared to make a trade, so I made a line to see the a trend. Drawing on the chart is far more helpful then speculating on what the stock will do. I may have miss a play for SSY, but I am understanding how I need to make trades.

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[TimAlerts] Looking at $SSY 3 yr chart looks like there would be alot of resistance in the $1.60 to $1.80 range. If she cracks $2 and holds, she gone. Agree on the volume though. Not quite there yet.


[TimAlerts] What is your take on $SSY? 3 million share buyback recently announced. Pretty Low float. Mkt cap is equal to Cash on hand. Didn't review their recent 10-Q yet.


[TimAlerts] Sanity check folks: $SSY has 8mil share outstanding... the company just announced is buying back 3million in shares. It has gapped up.... What list worthy? Take small position through the weekend? Thoughts?

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