[TimAlerts] ya, so $ESI is showing "ITT Educational Services Inc." so I believe that's all they've got, nothing more


[TimAlerts] I am a bit confused by the $ESI delisting news. I understand the company behind the ticker is ITT schools, yet there is also a ticker $ITT. Are they two different divisions of the same company? And, what will happen if we are shorting these stocks after delisting? I would greatly appreciate if someone could explain it to me.


[TimAlerts] last long I had cost me 80% of my account ($ESI) what I get for not doing research before holding

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[TimAlerts] not surprised... ITT shut down, fired 8,000 employees, and put over 10,000 students out of school because they didn't prove accreditation standards with govt. therefore govt. stopped providing funding.. $ESI will go bye bye

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