[TimAlerts] RWLK andFLKS These two stocks move up at 9:30 for the last 3 mornings then at 11:03-4 they drop look at the week chart by the day


[SuperAlerts] FLKS $12 from $11.36 posted entry and DD on 4/4 long way to go...expecting $15's by end of May


[SuperAlerts] Last 2 points on FLKS it is a biotech with drugs in studies BUT also gonna launch red bull type consumer drink in June for muscle cramps. The management is BEST management I recall seeing in a biotech with founders of ALNY, nobel prize winner, and marketing geniuses. Anyway take a look at it.

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[SuperAlerts] FLKS sports drinklaunch in June. Given to Denver Bronchos during SB. Incestors include Managing partner of Boston Celtics and Kraft family trust owners of patriots. Insane Insider buys lately

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