+41 Entry: got in on the spike at 4.01 as it bounced back off the small morning dip and broke through the morning high and the whole dollar with rising volume. Exit: got out out at 4.28 when it started lookin like the gas ran out, markets also not making its mind up this morning, better safe and in the green Re-Enter: got in at 4.22 as stock bounced back off the VWAP and started to gain some volume Exit: got out as it started looking kinda toppy at the half dollar, and with the market being indecisive i dont wanna take too big of a chance . Hindsight: In the end it ran to 4.77 and then toppled off then rest of the day. I got the meat of the move and got out with the single.

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RobertRiggs Jan 26, 23 12:40 PM

Nice trading on GNS. Nice explanation on a gun chart/pattern. Need the barrel to be tighter on consolidation. Do not buy B/Os mid morning to midday due to many takeouts. The lesson was following the price action and jumping into a good risk reward trade. Trading on a Thursday going into a Friday on the first day of heavy volume scaring shorts out for a potential squeeze play. Thanks for the webinar Mark.

papaprofits Jan 31, 23 5:09 PM

Mark. Thank you so much for recording this. Exactly what I need to watch.

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