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night_knight May 31, 10:20 AM

Its trading on 27th May, Wednesday isn't it? Took me a while to realise. Was wondering why you would go short on a first green day. haha

reverselong May 31, 11:05 AM

the mischievous smile at the end toasting to taking money from new traders LOL

gefpall May 31, 7:08 PM

7 This needs 😇😇🤩to be 2v8kd don't wannkjjja be this a sepavbb25rate list I know you're not

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Windwalzer Mar 15, 3:39 PM

Thank you, I looked up some of the things you showed us so I could practice. I haven't got it all together yet. It does increase the information from you SEC DVDs. Thank you for you time and information. Have a good time with your children.

Nursefina Mar 15, 8:50 PM

Hi Mr. Goode. I am a new comer, my 2nd day actually, still a lot to process. Learning to navigate this site.

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burrellc0354 Oct 21, 19 2:13 AM

Great information, analyze, look at what is going on find threads research look at different nuances and what is driving the the Stock, such a shame you were having problems with your Tech,

suhwateeze Oct 21, 19 12:29 PM

You are a wonderful teacher Mr. Goode. Thank you so much!

Grimes Oct 24, 19 9:35 PM

goode stuff

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suhwateeze May 02, 19 7:42 PM

Really enjoyed this. Gotta always consider the possibilities to the downside

GreenHornetKush May 11, 19 11:01 AM

M Goode, you need to smoke to relax a bit! Your a bit jittery :D

zaraza Jul 07, 19 12:36 PM

Thankx Michael

redwagonrider Nov 23, 19 9:28 PM

Based on the data do you to find stocks that you trade that you have a personal vendetta with to be a successful strategy overall?

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CrazyWillows Mar 24, 19 3:18 AM

SPI a good example of a one day spiker that dumps and based on its history becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of being a good short, always look at the range a stock trades, SC 13D filling is a very positive catalyst among penny stocks. Loads of information on opportunities to judge stocks to short. Thanks Michael always extremely insightful.

LizLele Apr 01, 19 12:52 AM

Thanks Michael! I liked the explanation about ATMs regarding if they were used in the past how do they affect the present. Interesting! Need to watch this again.

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