@flavius what up bro sorry that i was not their my toe was killing me i took my sock off an notice i had a hole in it it smelt like death i have diabetes so i went to the hospital Thursday so they can fix me up my bad i have to check my feet know every mouth this happened on my second toe and they had to amputate the dip because the bone got infected im still holding i look at the chart today what took it down was insiders dumping and their where six stop loses 1st @ 1.71 2nd @ 1.65 3rd at 1.61 and the then 1.57 you can clearly see you never put a stop loss you put a mental stop loss but some people in the chat said my stop loss got taken out and in other's chatroom seen the same they didn't come in with a plan you give an alert a week in advance those are the gamblers this will hit the 10 to 15 dollar range then i seen in the chat a couple of idiots wanting to short the stock #1 rule second green day came out then the catalyst of the ER coming out and they want to short they lost their money nobody fallows the rules in here between me and you $HEB is a buy my father has 15000 shares i look in to my trades this stock has over a million shares short and you can see the short squeeze that happen on Friday if you have money left over i would play the stock resistance is at .94 cents if it can break that $$$$$ it closed at .36 cents you can more than double your money here because of the amount of shorts in it once again sorry for not being their Friday would had been nice to sell in to that morning spike and rebought i would had sold a little bit more than have and rebought it next time okay bro will see you in the chat room peace

flavius Dec 11, 17 9:23 AM

no problem man,,,, i understand i have diabetes as well type 1 i'm still in it and i;m trying to sell anywhere in the 1.70s if it will allow.... i did the stupid mistake and i bought more friday morning at 1.83 i can't belive it!!! it is what it is thanks for the tip

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[TimAlerts] $HEB would have made 50k plus profit scottrade froze my account for having to many day trades with bullshit margin account would have bought 30k @ .19

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