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F_TAPP Aug 01, 18 10:56 AM

A superior piece of advice!!! Thank you Timothy Sykes.

abadle Aug 01, 18 11:43 AM

@timothysykes i am sorry i learn backwards?....dyslexic could i have read the "mail" on pandora"P" symbol market....i would jump in it....truyin g to over come my non-money making maket tradeing shares....ETFs WTF,,..

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$6.62 GAIN $NIHD LONG ENTRY: $1.82 @800 SHARES Bought at pullback, Thinking it would fly on a breakout like $ENPH . EXIT: $1.853: Too many seller and the buyers are fading. Wanted to be safe, taking my small profit. Thanks for the market blessings. Well see tomorrow it might fly.

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SKYisDLimit Feb 26, 18 9:30 AM

Thanks Tim. Watching and learning, need to study the charts, must know when to pounce. Can't be on a bed pan All day. Forest G out!

joshidennis Feb 27, 18 2:00 AM

DR. Of stocks. Tim THANK YOU hope you gonna open university soon so that all your student know how to dissect the stock market thanks mr Sykes

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