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jacksondowney5 Aug 29, 22 7:55 AM

5.) focus on big % gainers - the ones from today, the ones from yesterday, and the ones from the past week. These fit patterns that are more predictable than random patterns. 6.) a lot of this is getting in the reps and testing, being prepared for when there’s a clear trend for a better market.

LeeHunt Sep 01, 22 5:07 AM

Thanks Tim!Focus on big% gainers!

Chris6488 Sep 14, 22 12:18 PM

Thank you Tim, great webinar.

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$330 profit HUSA Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy on this former runner thats jumping, goal is to make 5-10%, lets see if it can regain some Supernova status

Exit comments: It made a little new high on the day but nothing convincing, glad to just get out with a profit, still testing how to play these Supernovas/former runners, its best to dip buy into big intraday panics to give more edge

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JFondren Nov 26, 22 12:02 PM

Thanks Tim Awesome

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oswald Aug 06, 22 10:43 PM

Guilty till proven innocent, big volume and news, accept reality and educate, It's a marathon not a sprint, invest in my education, expect these stocks will fail, I see it is possible, Thanks Tim!!

taylor6612 Feb 12, 10:24 PM

I started getting ready for trading the day I took my first breath. I understand it's a marathon not a sprint

WinstonSmith Mar 23, 2:33 PM

I understand it is a marathon and not a sprint. Thanks Tim.

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$HUSA TRADE- bot as it was a recent big runner that had come down and formed support over 3 days and was having a FGD, bot on a dip after the am spike- went up 25 cents before dropping and shaking me out- went up to the low 7's shortly after

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$HUSA TRADE- had bought as it was a recent huge runner that had been coming down- formed support over the course of 3 days and was having a FGD, spiked at the open and came down and held support- did spike like 30 cents but didn't sell as i thought it could do more- did spike to the $7's shortly after selling- was right on the idea, just off on the timing again

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Believer Aug 02, 22 11:52 PM

Thanks Tim Grittani

Nick_Lee Apr 02, 4:01 PM

Great webinar, great info. Currently going back through all Grittanis webinars so I can learn and expand on his trading style.

Sarnaud1205 May 10, 9:21 AM

Thanks Grittani, for your time and education. And big thanks for your openness about your process, very helpful.

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$HUSA TRADE- big recent runner that looked like it was going to have a FGD- got in too early- didn't wait the first 15 min out; got shook out- spiked 50% shortly after; gave a better entry a little later in the am

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