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BTLNH2001 Feb 19, 9:34 PM

Needed to see this, could have been in CDRX this morning PM I seen the support and volume increasing. I just watch bc it was PM, but I had R/R in mind. This was perfect!

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$1,290 profit IO Long Stock

Entry comments: Earnings winner, very similar price action to CLSK the other day when it just kept going and going, goal is to sell in the 4s

Exit comments: Nice little single to start the day, not gonna overstay my welcome though, solid gain, hit my goals so I'm out for safe profits, earnings winners are back!

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WWalker May 07, 20 9:50 AM

Lil off topic but what’d you think about Teeka’s five coins picks?

Windwalzer May 07, 20 9:19 PM

How big do you like the spike when it turns into a supernova? Thank you.

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[TimAlerts] $IO looks like it could go higher not a lot of resistance till the mid fives what everyone think about that.

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