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Windwalzer Feb 10, 8:57 AM

I WILL base my trades off recent evidence. Thank you for explaining what is going on and you thought process on how, when, where, and what do to with these types of trades. You are greatly appreciated.

Jamey Feb 21, 9:20 AM

I will base my trades on recent evidence.

scameron11 Feb 23, 2:06 PM

i will base my trades off recent evidence.

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$452 profit KWBT Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this OTC first green day runner as its held its gains relatively well today, pattern has been to run the last hour of trading, not sure if I'll hod overnight or not, goal is to make 10-20% here, cut losses under .04

Exit comments: Hit my goals and now looking toppy around the morning highs so I'll lock in safe gains and not have to deal with overnight risk, potential re-buy if it can take out key level in the .048s, congrats to all longs here

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sreykimsear Jan 23, 3:20 PM

Wow...I thought to myself that is alot..good luck.

Tiasiae2 Jan 23, 4:06 PM

Wow, I am new and watching the First Green Day Pattern play out was very exciting.

Windwalzer Jan 23, 10:29 PM

Looking at the chart and reading you comments, it looks like you entered around 3:14 after consolidation and exited at 3:23 or 3:46, since you wanted to maybe hold, but you reached your goal, I'd say you took the earlier time.?

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