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AIex May 20, 6:03 AM

just curious..... what does it mean to join the STT Breaking News team from Europe (being based in Luxembourg myself)

AIex May 20, 7:56 AM

:) Didn't ask my question well. Never doubted the service is the same. In the webinar you had mentioned you wouldn't mind someone from Europe to cover the pre-market hours since EST I was commenting on that. But appreciate the feedback!!

kFox49 May 26, 3:00 PM

Thanks Tim! I did attend live and rewatched. The only person who has ever spoke negatively to me about being your student was my boyfriend at the time and now an ex boyfriend lol. He looked you up and said you are a scam. I was devastated. Two weeks ago my Grandfather (banked on the market and some stock that decoded the human DNA) wished me success in my trading journey. My Mom prays for me, my Dad has never said one discouraging word to me.

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