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TreeShadow77 Feb 04, 12:07 PM

As always Tim, excellent realistic training. That is a key rule.... I will look for reasons not to trade. Apply the SSS to each trade.

Drogomirdrogon Feb 04, 6:07 PM

Thanks for the webinar Tim. There is a remedy u can use to reduce getting sick . While on planes you are in a closed environment with all the airborne viruses from everyone is just floating around. You carry a small jar of vaseline in your carryon bag. Just before you fly, using clean hands u coat the inside of your nostrils with a film of vaseline and instead of breathing in these airborne viruses they get trapped in the vaseline lining in your nose. Give it a try.

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[SuperAlerts] IT, still in LLIT? They nailed the close price too 1.49. In from 1.82


[SuperAlerts] LLIT could be good too, volume dried up though with big spread

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