($250) loss LTRX Long Stock

Entry comments: CHART trade example...bought this 4ema pullback on strong stock...personal stop loss 5.2 area and personal target high 5's or 6's if it works

Exit comments: stopped out small loss they filed shelf for selling shareholders and has not recovered...will keep on watch

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$92 profit LTRX Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new earnings winners off its highs in the 2.50s as its run for multiple days before, goal is to sell into a 10-20% bounce off this dip

Exit comments: Zzzzzzz no bounce, big wall of sellers at 2.50ish, out roughly breakeven, when in doubt get out, earnings winners have been hit or miss lately

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bmckinney7 Aug 24, 17 9:52 AM

Looks like you just missed the bounce. Where did you buy?

man1life Aug 24, 17 12:41 PM

Way to cut losses early on this one, boss! So crucial to learn this at an early stage of getting into the achievable realm of making millions with Tim and his successful pupils.

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JonathanIParra Sep 01, 8:03 PM

2027 , this should video be called mindset framework , thanks doc brown and slap me if i ever say i'll quit or do something stupid . thanks tim

BrandonHilton Sep 14, 9:25 PM

Great video. Proof that I've watched MANY of Tim's youtube videos before joining Profitly because I could have answered most of these questions myself lol. Feels good to know I'm on the right track.

Nikolay98 Sep 17, 2:45 PM

Every video watched inspires me further more! Thank you man for all the effort you give for us! Glad to have a teacher like you! The best techer EVER! @timsykes

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