$17 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this potential earnings winner, it was in the 1.30s premarket today, tanking due likely to the overall market, low risk given its drop, but potential bounce, goal is to sell in the 1.20s or 1.30s, nothing huge, just a small risk given the drop its already had today

Exit comments: Breakeven trade, not bouncing so exiting safely, not just gonna hold and hope as too many people do

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Sheeker2018 Oct 26, 18 10:20 AM

I'm a cowardly profitable trader. I've been studying a lot, just bought "The psychology of trading " by Steenberg for 30 bucks. The most expensive I have ever bought.

Taj214 Oct 27, 18 4:09 PM

I fell victim to MVIS

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$3,850 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: Rumor they won a deal with AMZN, could run on their lowly downtrending stock chart, rumors are tough, but I'm gonna give this a chance in this speculative market

Exit comments: Got up to 1.30ish as rumors spread, but it was quick and I didn't get much up there so just taking my profits here as it looks like wall of sellers around 1.25ish, will still watch but rumors plays are tough heading into midday so I just sell into strength, potential re-buy late day, Nasdaq down 1%+ today too, not the best day for speculative plays

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$350 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I used my small Etrade account to buy this stock premarket, they just announced $10 million deal, chart is multi-month breakout, spike could be quick though as this has spiked at the open before then failed hence my premarket buy, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: No big spike at the open so I'm out for puny gain, worth a shot with my little account

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($140) loss MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I took a bigger position buying the big morning dip on this one, I told you it's a SLOW mover so it got ahead of itself premarket this morning in 3s and now all the weak hands have exited, I'd love to see a bounce back to the 3 range as yesterday it had a morning panic too that was a good buying opportunity

Exit comments: Out with small losses on this one, no bounce, maybe it has more downside, not gonna risk it midday as this is the first time in 3 days it didn't bounce off the morning panic so this is a trend change

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$612 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I didn't want to chase this morning's breakout and sure enough it failed, but it's been uptrending all day now and reclaimed its breakout so I'm taking small overnight position, no huge expectations given this stock's lack of volatility, but I also can't ignore this perfect multi-month breakout after a contract win so my goal is to make 10% tomorrow on this position

Exit comments: Decent little gap up, nothing huge, made a few hundred bucks overnight and didn't waste a day trade, perfect pattern, had to take it, potential re-buy on a dip

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fanchseries7 Apr 24, 17 4:07 PM

I had my eye on it to but im not risking a day trade on it lol. I guess we will see very soon

GUAMillionaire Apr 25, 17 6:18 AM

I'll follow along (observe only, not trading...yet) in Challenge Chat and STT. Appreciate the entry insights. Thanks, Tim!

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