$450 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner just got a new patent, STT Breaking News, lets see how far it can spike

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, no big spike on patent news, I managed to find a stock more boring than Matt Monaco's NWBO he's been raving about in the http://tim.ly/scrchat so I take small profits and look for bigger % gainer

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-$360 loss MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former supernova on news of this transcript https://tim.ly/3aWdI0U where the army wants AR googles based on MVIS tech, deal being referenced is for 40,000 goggles aka $1 billion, could have legs, we'll see, got up to 1.38 a few minutes ago so I'm buying on the dip, goal is to sell in the 1.40s or 1.50s, nothing huge

Exit comments: going nowhere fast so I'm cutting losses quickly, like CIDM yesterday, worth a shot given the seemingly big breaking news, but no followup spike so I follow rule #1 about cutting losses quickly...3 losses for me today but all VERY small so overall my gains on the day are bigger

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Windwalzer Aug 26, 20 7:31 PM

I think it did what you were anticipating yesterday did it today. You keep saying they thwart themselves. Thank you.

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