$2,250 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: Rumors of possible sale thanks to http://stockstotrade.com breaking news, goal is to make 10-20%, could be quick, news is breaking now

Exit comments: Whewww what a rush, not a huge $ gain for me, but fun to trade breaking news, thanks again to the http://tim.ly/breaking tool that's really been a huge help for me this month, now $70k in monthly profits for me

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Bagsby May 19, 1:03 PM

1st trade off the chat MVIS = $50. 😉

nephilim787 May 20, 12:03 AM

Hey I have a question what broker did you use I’m looking for one to day trade

Windwalzer May 20, 9:21 PM

The long term chart looks like this one has some "one and dones" and "multi day runners"? Am I seeing correctly or am I off base? Thank you.

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$1,875 profit MVIS Long Stock

Entry comments: This new video https://tim.ly/2LEp4Lb is being spread around hinting at MVIS/MSFT relationship so in this speculative environment I'll try it, goal is to sell at $1/share or more, could be quick

Exit comments: Nice win thanks to the http://stockstotrade.com breaking news tool, they had this before Benzinga which just said $MVIS MicroVision Shares Spike To Session High, Now Up 15%; Hearing Traders Circulate A Recent Reddit Post Highlighting A Teardown Of The Hololens 2"

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Windwalzer May 18, 5:33 PM

That's an amazing video, that guy has steady hands and a lot of patience. So $MVIS does have ties to Microsoft. SIML and $MVIS are related companies. That makes sense. Very nice spike, did you wait till it was above the morning high? It looks like SIML spiked a bit before $MVIS. Please let me know if I am incorrect, I'm working on getting better. Thank you.

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TimLento May 18, 7:54 PM

Trade Review, FTEK How I analyze a play., MVIS Another rumor play., Sector rotation explained., MVIS long setups, Getting real-time data with TOS., TweetDeck, How to make news alerts in TOS.

TraderEuHodos May 18, 11:05 PM

Thank you Tim! Great overview and extremely helpful.

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