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2TheMoon Nov 29, 20 1:32 AM

There are two moving targets.

RobertRiggs Jun 10, 1:46 PM

There are two moving target. #1 You. #2 Market. We want more psychological lessons. Stan the trading man is baaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkkkk LOL. Thanks the for the great prep talk and lessons Tim.

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wbern4688 Jul 10, 20 10:17 PM

good stuff mark i saw this yesterday its good to review thanks

cfm1320 Jul 11, 20 11:52 AM

Thank you Mark for the reminder of how volume plays a huge role in these patterns.

dumbtrades Sep 30, 20 1:48 AM

always focus on multi day runners with huge volume

lrtdi130 Nov 10, 20 1:01 AM

Thank you Mark. Not going long one day spikers

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