$280 profit OBCI Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought this recent runner on a big dip off its earlier highs in the 5s and news it has a product that can kill the coronavirus https://tim.ly/2Gw9VJi nice to see I wasn't crazy after all buying it the other day and this PR can spike it even more, goal si to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Small gain, no big spike like I wanted back near the day highs so I'm playing it safe, SAME exact pattern as last time although near the market open and with a PR which makes it safer, but this time it couldn't get back to the highs or breakout so safety first and small disciplined profit, a good start after my last undisciplined trade on PIXY

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maximumeffort Jan 28, 6:06 PM

@Iwomackppl that's the pdt rule and it's going to be on everything. Only way around it if you don't have 25k in your account is to use a cash account but then you can't short. You can also open an account at multiple brokerages to get 3 day trades a week on each one

Windwalzer Jan 28, 8:53 PM

On OBCI you got in about 9:46 at 4.80 and out about 9:48 at 4.94, yes? Thank you Timothy Sykes.

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$2,237 profit OBCI Long Stock

Entry comments: Small, speculative position on this new potential virus play that's spiked nearly $1/share in the last 30 minutes, everyone sharing old article how they were an Ebola play https://tim.ly/36uMieY and they make sanitizing products as tweeted here https://tim.ly/2NW5MSW VERY speculative but it is spiking and this sector is the hottest right now, so goal is to make 10-20% and could be quick so don't chase, I'm buying 30 cents/share off day high already

Exit comments: PERFECT midday trade in this speculative sector, now 4.60s so I might have played too safely, but not gonna get greedy now that my goals have been hit, beautiful breakout over the earlier highs, glad I was right here

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Windwalzer Jan 26, 12:34 AM

This is beautiful to look at, to see you got in on the bottom of the green on the dip about 1:22 and getting out either on the shadow of the green candle at 1:38 or the red candle top shadow at 1:39. Amazing. Thank you!!!

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