$90 profit OESX Long Stock

Entry comments: I wanted a bigger dip on this recent earnings winner runner, but I'll take what I can get, a partial position buy on this morning dip, goal is to sell in the low 3s later today or next week...

Exit comments: I gave it time, but it's not going green on the day like ELTK/RWLK did so I'll exit for small gain and re-look at it if it can go green or has a bigger dip, but right now its midrange and not doing much so I'm out

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joven Jun 07, 10:50 PM

Safe Trade copy

tai4two Jun 09, 4:07 PM

Well done another good example for us of following your rules.

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[TimAlerts] Orion Energy Systems files complaint against Energy Bank alleging patent infringement $OESX 

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