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humblegains Feb 08, 17 10:39 AM

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

FXTRADE Feb 08, 17 11:39 AM

Thanks again Tim! Reviewed the watchlist early in the NOTning right before market opened.

Realmadridpete Feb 08, 17 11:51 AM

Good morning money makers! Anyone know why PIP went from 3.50 to .50 on Monday ? Gotta know before i proceed.

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@timothysykes Dip bought $PIP 300 shares morning panic @0.91 when yesterday's support held, too scared to continue the trade so bailed out @0.92, was on the right track though, still learning and studying hard...

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[TimAlerts] Anyone can clear up the special dividend on $PIP i've been seeing a mix of information that say you can sell on the 24th and still get the dividend and others say we have to hold till the 3rd/4th febuary "Board of Directors has declared a special one-time cash dividend of $2.91 per share of common stock, payable on February 3, 2017 to holders of record as of January 24, 2017. what i have heard is if you sell on the 24th you give up your dividend to whoever buys it, this is a link to it" https://

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