$4,350 profit PRTK Long Stock

Entry comments: KODK sympathy play as they had news a few months ago https://tim.ly/2Pc7DmR they're getting funding too, less liquid, just starting

Exit comments: Absolutely perfect sympathy play to KODK, thank you http://tim.ly/breaking news tool for this one, just wish I had bigger position, but it halted so fast so I took what I could, biggest win in days for me

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Windwalzer Jul 29, 5:39 PM

Very nice patience. Wow a lot of halts today. And they're saying it's a slow day. Where are they coming from? Thank you.

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Reviewing the charts of last weeks stocks RKDA $AMRS $PRTK they all continued to go up in price after the first green day (FGD) candlestick pattern on the 1 year / 1 day chart. Is there potential for continued multi-day upward movement after the first candle? Will watch to see if this is a common occurrence.

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[SuperAlerts] $PRTK dropping all day on good news, at what point do you consider getting a position, after a day or two?

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