$RADA HTGM AUPH $VRML top potential morning spikers, nothing truly great, $RADA is earnings but has bad history of failed spikes, probly recent spiker HTGM has the best chance at going truly Supernova, watch it closely

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[TimAlerts] $RADA - NETANYA, Israel , Jan. 03, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq:RADA) today received an order for its Multi-mission Hemispheric Radar-based (MHR) RPS-42 radar system, to be used by a key customer based in the Far-East, for the development and testing of its High Energy Laser (HEL) ground-based tactical weapon system.


[TimAlerts] Watching $RADA . They came out with news today and I'm looking for a 2nd green day. Resistance seems to be in the low 1.30 area.

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