I was looking for a way to practice identifying charts and trends. This one site called is awesome! It takes historical charts and lets you virtual trade (no sign-ups, free site). I worked on identifying short trade possibilities and wound up at +65.44% on my position, and +41.75% on buy and holding on the historical chart for R.R. Donnelley & Sons Company $RRD from Mar 28, 1996 to Mar 21, 2001. It's missing information that you would normally look for in trading Tim's style, but it's helping me to put some of Tim's tactics into play on a chart. Cool thing to find as a newbie.

robbindahood Apr 27, 15 12:26 AM

Some of these were difficult when it went into what felt like a channel (?). +24.69% position on chart 2 (forgot to note which company chart). -14.52% on Progressive Corp. $PGR from May 30, 1996-May 22, 2001 chart. That was one of the more difficult ones for me to get. +32.01% on a different chart (forgot to note which company). -28.18% on AllState corp. $ALL from Oct. 02 2002 -Sept. 21,2007. Another difficult chart for me to get. Interestingly, also an insurance co. +5.79% on $TMO nov. 1

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