May 11th Potential Trades: (5:45am PST) $RVP - Loved the chart on $RVP, however the volume is only 4,500 and the stock is up 2% on on the morning. From the monthly lows, the stock is up roughly 300%, so we could see a but of a reversal. RIOT is on Green Day number four, so not really looking to touch that. Opening right at the previous day's close with 30 cents to go before reaching the breakout level on fading volume of 200K. MARA is on Green Day number three, gapping down 10 cents, and is down 10% on the day. Gave back roughly half its gains last Friday, so this one looks to be over for now...on the long side.

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caramelmacchiato Mar 31, 11:28 AM

Purchased The Complete Penny Stock Course a few months back. Excited about learning how to trade penny stocks with you Tim!

welsingm Mar 31, 10:31 PM

Thank you very much! I'll watch four of them closely tomorrow morning! good luck for everyone!

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