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Svart88 Jan 08, 4:31 PM

Well Tim, I prefer to learn it the cheap way, i.e. from you.

futurePennystockGod22 Jan 17, 3:58 PM

The real question is, do these short sellers make money overall as based on every one of their trades .... If you cut losses and have a high win rate as is considerable with shorting these plays, perhaps they are profitable and that's why they continue. At the same time, one must be careful of Fridays, and there is the appropriate time and place to short if one is to short. As Tim said, the Ferrari example.

Av1Trades Jan 26, 8:52 AM

I'll learn from you for much cheaper Tim. I don't know how dumbass short sellers think its hard to study, all you need to do is watch a video and make sense of it -_-

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Took Short @ 1.98. Limit order was set 2 days before below resistance. News coming out on Friday, good chance news would be bad and drive lower. Found it hard to find significant shares to short!!

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