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KDJourney Apr 04, 1:52 PM

Thank you Tim ~ great stuff.

Windwalzer Apr 04, 7:36 PM

Thank you for showing us more chart patterns, times of day, and what we need to understand to become a self sufficient penny stock trader. Thank you for all you do and all you give to help others. You're the best!

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Unreal $SGBX up to 11 afterhours, unreallllll...Congrats to Tim Grittani who bought in the $5s and I think is up $100,000 now LOL

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Quintieri10 Mar 31, 4:53 PM

Congrats thats awesome! wouldnt be suprised to see another zero on that one day!

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I made about $280 off of SGBX this morning. I jumped in right after the market open and it spiked right up. I would have made almost $500 but I made a total rookie mistake and bought more instead of selling my position. The stock started plummeting in price so I sold all of my position for still a good probably 10-15% gain.

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tayhaoxia Mar 09, 8:10 AM

looking at coiling action in order to buy

timcobra Mar 22, 7:26 AM

Thanks Tim, I will invest more and more into my education

10xtrader Mar 28, 1:33 PM

Totally agree, you get what u pay for. Poverty mindset begets poverty, abundant thinking breeds prosperity. Wish they had a sale like that now, could talk my wife into 93% off!!!!

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