$11,800 profit SPRT Long Stock

Entry comments: SWING trade example. merger in Q3 with bit coin miner with own renewable energy source.....personal stop loss 200Ma and personal target 5-10 if it works ....does not close until Q3 so may take time.

Exit comments: ANOTHER 100% gainer from mid $3's #SUPER

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[SuperAlerts] I got into $SPRT in my IRA last week at 59 too right before the Anthem news hit. Still holding. Not too happy. Was feeling ok though after the 59.75 pricing of the offering too.


[TimAlerts] shorted 1k shares of $SPRT entry: 58.71 exit: 58.30 & scalped $GALT on the way down banked 1,425.79 post comissions in total. Done for the day


[TimAlerts] $SPRT showed up on my unusual volume screener. I'll be watching that too. avg volume 255K. today's was 1.2M

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