[TimAlerts] $TWX Time Warner: Fox's Gasprino tweeting 'BreakingiNews New @realDonaldTrump sr. adviser Kushner also said to oppose $T-$TWX deal more now @FoxBusiness


[TimAlerts] $TWX $T yet again another companies are affecting by president elected Trump tweets opposing the merger deal. smh


[TimChallenge] $TWX looks likes it might keep going up, but $T, not so sure. I'm not sure if AT&T stock will go up


[TimAlerts] Canceled my orders for $VGZ and $THM this morning before the market opened, went to sleep, bought 100 shares of $T because its spike just now.


[TimAlerts] $SYNC they get a 100M contract and will now spend 10M to ramp up stuff and staff to handle this client. $T will bring them new eyeballs to their company and services, that is the point of this mornings call IMO

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