Personal analysis from a noob, documenting thoughts on $VHC: Uptrending over last 2 weeks, and recently announced "contract winner." Price this morning at $3.30 pre market, and there is some chatter on twitter suggesting this could run. Long term pattern is choppy, but history of spiking on good news. One month ago, dipped from 6 month high (spike) of $4.10, but support over same period was $3.80 and resistance at $4.10. Upside currently $.70, best case scenario, and worst case downside $2.30 (recent bottom). Risk reward is low for me now, but trade volume has been decent for a smaller account over recent days, so I would consider trading this if it spiked under high volume at open, but only from $3.30 to $4.00. Afterwards, I would watch action and consider next play, if any. Assuming no action or negative action at open, this would not be a play.

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[TimChallenge] I am short biased on $VHC and NVFY, both fading after runup. Will watch price action on open

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