Received 11 Karmas
pappybizness Aug 30, 18 9:39 AM

Thanks Tim.. Appreciate your williness to assist Us in becoming Self-Sufficient!!! I Thank you...

Gpmarchi93 Aug 30, 18 7:33 PM

Hey Tim have been studying a lot and watching tons of your videos, appreciate all your teachings. Quick question: is there a specific video you have to teach when to dip buy? I have watched a some your videos you have on dip buying but still confused as to when to specifically dip buy so that it’s not too early? Is there a pattern? Or does it come with practice. Feel like I always end up buying too early. Thanks for everything. You truely are a great teacher

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$1,050 profit TRPX Long Stock

Entry comments: SWING trade example....low float weed medical stock has not had big run yet...personal stop loss 4.5 area and personal target mid to high 5's or more if it gets weed momentum.....

Exit comments: out for nice overnight gain ! will keep on watch

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