$VII (paper trading) Entry: Most talked about stock in the morning at 8am. Looked at charts and saw blatant pump on no news. Same pattern happened in July of 2016. In my mind I shorted at $0.70 when it broke the support at $0.73. Planned to cover if it ever went to the high 0.70s. Exit: Went down to ~0.60s and was bouncing off $0.66. Got scared, and covered at $0.63 for $70 profit or a 7% return. If I would have stuck to my plan, I would have covered at $0.48-$0.50 instead for ~$285 profit or a 28.5% return.

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[TimAlerts] I hope you guys got in at a good price "9:55AM gtucker8585: $VII watch for the breakout above .81"

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