($820) loss DGLY Long Stock

Entry comments: SWING trade example on patent news today ....could see momentum .....strict stop loss 4ema area and personal target mid 3's or more if it works

Exit comments: stop out taking too long

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$520 profit DGLY Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this court case winner today over $1.50/share off its premarket highs in the high 5s...should have multi-month support in the low 4s as one of the main reasons its sold off so much is its in the dreaded 5 cent/share spread test program so momentum traders stay I think that opens up the door to a bounce. My goal is to make 20-40 cents/share, nothing huge, but good risk/reward after such a big drop and bottoming price action now

Exit comments: Weak bounce so I'm out for small profits, worth a shot, but the best bounces happen quick and are solid, this is weak so no play now for me

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YamilSadia Jul 07, 17 7:35 PM

"Trade around your life" -Tim HTMM.... Today first day to dip my feet into the market and I was going to purchase right at LOD with $DGLY and I didn´t because my GF was on her way to pick me up and I knew if I did buy... wouldn´t pay attention to her but my phone.... would have been a GREATbuy though.

Scott_PaperTrader_legit Jul 10, 17 6:23 AM

Didn't think this was a catalyst you traded? Otherwise the trade made sense I excluded $dgly due to catalyst

DeDave32 Jul 11, 17 7:05 AM

Can someone please explain the share spread test program??

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