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lorena_gerardo83 Dec 02, 20 11:24 PM

Awesome webminar Tim!! Thx so much. I missed it live because of work but im so glad everything is archived,

TreeShadow77 Dec 05, 20 12:07 PM

motivating. Thanks as always to Tim and all the mentors. Happy Holiday all.

dumbtrades Dec 19, 20 11:00 PM

If i trade scared trading is not that scary

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karman Oct 03, 12:01 PM

Great lessons. Thanks

tkeys Oct 31, 7:40 PM

Thanks, Tim! Super inspiring to watch this a year later when Jack is now up over 8 million and in this vid he’s close to 1. Thanks for constant inspiration!

HenryCraig Nov 28, 12:16 AM

Knowledge facilitates growth and development.

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