$2,268 profit ZVTK Long Stock

Entry comments: All day runner that I['m buying on a big intraday panic, goal is to sell into 15-30% bounce, probable first green day http://tim.ly/fgdotc pattern so we'll see how it closes, doubt I'll hold overnight

Exit comments: Nice bounce, variation on the http://tim.ly/bestpattern pattern, not a multiday winner, but now these one day runners are the new best intraday dip buys, got a bit lucky on that buy execution so I'll take it

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RChen Nov 03, 20 2:18 AM

nice dip buy. thank you.

Vaidas Nov 03, 20 6:13 AM


bbildik Nov 03, 20 9:15 AM

No winning trades at all. You should go back to your DVDs

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