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Kody Aug 31, 17 7:31 PM

@CEWallstreet Yeah man no worries. I run that for pre-market and every big % mover that is mentioned in the chat pops up on TOS and especially after the market opens it picks up a lot of tickers!

CEWallstreet Aug 31, 17 7:36 PM

@tdfred93 Thanks for the info. how do you refresh the data? They didn't mention that when i called. They walked me through setting it up but didn't say i had to refresh it.

tdfred93 Aug 31, 17 9:13 PM

@CEWallstreet I can't remember the exact amount of time it takes but the screener does refresh automatically. You can refresh at any time by clicking the circlular arrow at the top of the screen next to the screener name. I was going to put a screenshot in here for you but I cant include any photos in the comment

CEWallstreet Sep 01, 17 12:36 PM

@tdfred93 Thanks again. today is my first day using it and it updates very regularly. I ended up finding a stock off of it that Im currently in now.I will refine my scan and continue to use it.

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CEWallstreet Jan 19, 16 4:58 PM

@PeterSkala I trade options and futures. I trade options more than futures. I will be posting watchlists on the options i'm watching and training.

PeterSkala Jan 20, 16 7:19 AM

that would be awesome as i am also going to trade options. need to know more about the set ups, strategies etc but am studying hard. what do u think the minimum account size you would need to trade options/futures ?

CEWallstreet Jan 20, 16 8:28 AM

Well as a margin requirement to trade oil with my broker you will need at least $4300 to hold a one contract position. It's the same for holding /YM (Dow futures). So at any given point you will need that as a minimum. The way around that is to trade USO, OIL, SPY etc etfs which will cost you much less. For just options I would say you want at least 2k in your account just to get started.

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