LIFE - Buy 30 shares LONG @ 7.16 below VWAP at 12:55PM EST and Exit Trade on weak Volume @ 7.72 at 13:29PM EST. $16.80 PROFIT. My FIRST LIVE TRADE. Then it went to $8.49 at 13:55PM. I got out too soon, but made a small profit. :) TD TOS

CONQUEROR Sep 13, 2:39 PM

T.D. Ameritrade Think or Swim

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rey_11 Sep 07, 4:41 PM

I wouldn't read too much into the news, just end up getting yourself in trouble down the line, at least as far as OTCs are concerned. Play is over with for the time being and a fresh set of baggies are now overhead. Need a new catalyst for next push, or stock pumper imo

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