kobayashimaru May 10, 18 6:09 AM

Just wondering, are you using live data or is it delayed??

kobayashimaru May 10, 18 6:10 AM

I'm assuming you are checking your charts in multiple time frames and using some kind of indicator and checking for any cat. or SEC filings and stuff like that

Cheyenne May 10, 18 7:19 AM

@kobayashimaru I am using live data. I have Finviz Elite. That's how I see all percent gainers and losers throughout the day. For Filings and news...I have an RSS News Reader for my macbook, Leaf. I have an RSS Feed from the SEC website for various Filings. I get a notification when a various filing comes out. I also have an RSS Feed set up for Business Wire, Market Wired, OTC Markets..etc

benjmurts Jan 13, 8:45 PM

failed for 5 years and lost a lot. I have spent the last year reading tons of trading strategy books and watched hundreds of hours of You tube videos. I have since combined multiple strategies and now have the confidence I am on the right track. I constantly tweak my strategies and follow the same pattern over and over. Practice, practice, practice, over and over. Find winning patterns and study them. Make a set of rules and follow them no matter what! Learn from losses.

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[TimAlerts] $UEC looks like a mover tomorrow. Closed at 1.80, 52 week high 1.79. Found it on Finviz top gainers. Was watching an STT video about Twitter integration and Tim Bohen found it by accident through twitter lol Went to twitter and put in the ticker, Mark Crook...was one of the tickers he tweeted. Uranium play momo from Trump approving the pipeline etc.


[TimAlerts] Read the article. Where does it talk about DELT? I must be blind or retarded. Well, maybe all of the above lol


[TimAlerts] SUNE if they come out with no BK...going to be the short squeeze of the century...and epic short squeeze...mother of all short squeezes. On the flipside, if the BK is true and SUNE confirms it...NOT other articles...down goes Frazier. Going to be fun to watch none the less starting Monday


[TimAlerts] HNGR cracked $8 yesterday due to filing issues...bounce play from 1.86. Been bouncing since yesterday

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