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Goafter Apr 05, 18 1:15 PM

Hi Tim, congrats on your recent short with OLMM, could you please help me understand how you were able to keep stocks longer than three days, as I understood that after three days brokers can call back stocks. Is it because you Borrow stocks instead (at a cost). I am a new challenge student and not sure I got that difference right if there is any between the word shorting and borrowing. Thanks, Eric

TimLento Apr 05, 18 1:22 PM

Brokers can call back stocks after three days, that doesn't mean they will.

Goafter Apr 05, 18 2:49 PM

got it, I thought Borrowing stocks was referring for another type of deal. Well done again

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Dutchie777 Jul 04, 17 5:18 PM

I know, but just thought it kind of funny that he used hope about 3 times. Like his info and is very useful.

Patriot12 Jul 04, 17 6:42 PM

@Dutchie777 No one knows exactly what a stock is going to do. All you can do is go in with a strategy.

ambitious_ Jul 09, 17 3:02 PM

LOL, hope went a long way up with MSDI for you JaretJ... Great choice! I'm sure you made a killing, I should have bought that Friday

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@timothysykes No problems with stock purchases, because it takes them ages! to transfer my money from my bank to theirs :( and are not able to get stocks

Dutchie777 Nov 30, 17 2:59 PM

I think you messaged to wrong person

Ralphjan Nov 30, 17 3:15 PM

I dont know. I just replied to the post about IB and no pdt. Maybe you have some knowledge about this subject?

Dutchie777 Nov 30, 17 7:56 PM

Sorry, not that much. Right now i have an account with IB end E trade, but are still paper trading and do not use them that much yet.

Kingstonstock85 Dec 01, 17 12:04 AM

Sorry, I was wrong. I meant another IB based broker, but I heated bad things about the execution.

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