Received 3 Karmas
Dutchie777 Jul 04, 17 5:18 PM

I know, but just thought it kind of funny that he used hope about 3 times. Like his info and is very useful.

Patriot12 Jul 04, 17 6:42 PM

@Dutchie777 No one knows exactly what a stock is going to do. All you can do is go in with a strategy.

ambitious_ Jul 09, 17 3:02 PM

LOL, hope went a long way up with MSDI for you JaretJ... Great choice! I'm sure you made a killing, I should have bought that Friday

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$1,200 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm re-buying this play from several years ago as this news 5 days ago tells me they FINALLY have a product that is marketable for electric cars and they strongly hint in that PR that they are working with Tesla...if rumors start being spread of if they confirm it, this can runup a ton as we saw from last week's spike to .11. And I patiently waited for a big dip on this longer term trade since it has a terrible history of holding spikes, good safe entry here now

Exit comments: Well I got a little lucky with this one as this stock is spiking nicely in reaction to news an hour ago where they received another order for their new product...I can't NOT take a 30%+ gain as I said in chat, this stock doesn't hold its gains very well so this is best case scenario...I'll do a video lesson later this week explaining my luck in depth...a little luck never hurt :)

WizeFool Jun 26, 17 10:39 AM

I'm pennystocking silver, why can't I see this trade?

WizeFool Jun 26, 17 10:57 PM

@JaretC Thank you

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