$211 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bough this play on an extreme dip, but with smaller size given how fast its sold off the past few days...I think this is a good entry price considering it's lower than when they announced their big contracts the past few days, but you never know with these kinds of plays so small size for now and i'll make a video lesson later this week explaining my goals and thinking here...unless we get another 30-50% spike after a PR right away (like last time) I will hold this for several days/weeks

Exit comments: I'm exiting this play for small gains for a few reasons, 1.) it's not bouncing as much as I thought it would, 2.) the overall market is turning the past few days and speculative stocks like this are getting burnt and 3.) I don't trust 3 cent/share stocks that issue a ton of news all at once and then go silent, I want more consistent news and opportunities to sell into spikes

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$1,200 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm re-buying this play from several years ago as this news 5 days ago http://tim.ly/2rTD6wV tells me they FINALLY have a product that is marketable for electric cars and they strongly hint in that PR that they are working with Tesla...if rumors start being spread of if they confirm it, this can runup a ton as we saw from last week's spike to .11. And I patiently waited for a big dip on this longer term trade since it has a terrible history of holding spikes, good safe entry here now

Exit comments: Well I got a little lucky with this one as this stock is spiking nicely in reaction to news an hour ago http://tim.ly/2sJ7VaH where they received another order for their new product...I can't NOT take a 30%+ gain as I said in chat, this stock doesn't hold its gains very well so this is best case scenario...I'll do a video lesson later this week explaining my luck in depth...a little luck never hurt :)

WizeFool Jun 26, 17 10:39 AM

I'm pennystocking silver, why can't I see this trade?

WizeFool Jun 26, 17 10:57 PM

@JaretC Thank you

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$24 profit ITKG Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought this play at lower prices than I did earlier this week on a big dip off its highs as the contract win earlier this week might have legs as more people see it and as I outlined in the video lesson I had been waiting literally half a decade for it...lots of support in the low .04s so not much risk given the big drop, my goal is to sell in the 5s or 6s, I doubt it goes big again like before since low priced plays seem dead today so far

Exit comments: MARA is the best play today as I alerted earlier in chat, but I'm unable to trade it as I'm having broker issues again with my Etrade account due to my travel, I've been on the phone with them for 30 minutes, so I'm exiting this one for small gains as broker issues on fast moving stocks are no good, they keep having problems with me trading from other countries, so I might have to just use Interactive Brokers when I visit these weird places

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sontop1980 Jun 23, 17 10:37 AM

Hi tim as ur student.why would you buy Mara now when its up alreadyso much for the day. Just curious

kenny34731 Jun 23, 17 12:42 PM

Wow! MARA Great timing on your alert! Thanks, yried to get in @ .1288, missed it. I was sacred to chase, wish I did now. At .14, good lesson though!

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