Just wanted to tell you that I read all your comments on the lessons you break the video down really well

axlk Jul 21, 5:51 PM

It seems like we both watching a lot of video lessons lately. I like your comments

Hagen Jul 22, 1:03 PM

Thanks totally a newbie at this. Figured if I wrote out what I was watching it would help me.

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KBR354 Aug 05, 10:22 PM

thank you huddie for the detail video!

weytrader Aug 09, 12:12 PM

you're sure right about having to listen to these 4 times and more to get all the little things said that mean so much.....thanks for this

Sheffey Aug 12, 10:44 AM

As mentioned, listening to videos repeatedly makes a difference - good info on b/o I never considered before - thanks!

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shadinn77 Jun 02, 7:20 AM

excellent video lesson, thanks

RoyCreditor Jun 21, 1:46 PM

This is DVD quality content. Better quality than some DVDs in fact. Thanks so much Huddie. This is absolutely incredible how educational this is.

Queenly Jul 16, 8:55 AM

I have so much to learn just watching your video. Thank you so much!

NeverGiveUP Jul 26, 5:24 PM

Huddie buddy, much much appreciate all of your video lessons. So much helpful for my education. By the way, could you tell me which broker you've been using for shorting please, as I'm struggling with that now. Once again, thanks a lot for your videos, hope you will be making more of them soon and good luck !

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