-$601 loss EGOC Long Stock

Entry comments: STT news play o a dip off its highs in the .009s, acquisition news, goal is to profit 10-20%, could be fast since its new news

Exit comments: B=No bounce so cut losses fast, I tried to be patient, cut losses fast, remember http://tim.ly/clq

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Sulaco May 14, 10:15 AM

Why did you average down? I'm knew here like day 4 lol, but I thought I heard you mention in one of the video lessons to not average down? Just curious, thanks.

Chiko May 14, 10:56 AM

@Sulaco It all depends really, I'm new too and I see even Tim will change rules when seem appropriate and when you have a lot of experience. Cheers and keep up studying! ^^


We are all newbie here lol. Watching How to make millions dvd. done watching trader checklist part deux dvd 3x lol.

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$559 profit RETC Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought the morning panic, classic pattern of mine, goal is to profit 5-10% o the bounce, could be fast, yesterday's big runnner

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, small gain, but just terrible executions on this play and big wall of sellers at .008 so I can't be aggressive, will review in a video lesson later today

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Chiko Apr 27, 10:48 AM

Could not get it in time, traded TGRO instead but didn't bounce. Learning the ropes! Thanks for these good examples.

tupuad Apr 27, 9:55 PM

Thanks for the learning, God bless you and everyone else here.

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$2,280 profit HMBL Long Stock

Entry comments: Bigger panic here so I take a bigger position, gal is to sell for 5-10% bounce, the panic is realllly on now, crazy

Exit comments: Fast bounce I'll take and not get greedy since this one is scary and now the entire market is falling off a cliff so stay safe

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Windwalzer Apr 20, 9:04 PM

The intraday chart is so similar to RECAP. Thank you for sharing.

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