Thanks to @Just_Gains for this awesome boost of confidence as i'm still going through a rough time psychologically. Massive props to the awesome support in this community. This guy will always be in my good books with words like these. I'm not letting any of this go to waste. I WILL be fully profitable one day. 10:18AMJust_Gains → Blackburner:Thank man. I see you grinding in here everyday keep it up everything will click eventually 10:29AMJust_Gains → Blackburner:At least you have the right mindset... You're 100% right emotions I think may be every traders worst enemy.. taking really small positions helped me manage my emotions a bit... Also I meditate often now to help hahaha 10:36AMBlackburner → Just_Gains:I'm really looking forward to have nice green weeks again tho. The biggest mental crutch right now is that I had lots of losses as the market was changing and I decided to stop trading when i realized nothing was working but at that point I already gave back all my trading gains since EVER. Now I have a constant cloud over my head calling me a failure until i can become green again. It's the most anooying feeling because i'm feeling smarter than ever but i'm also feeling like a failure 10:44AMJust_Gains → Blackburner:That all goes into trading psychology too man.. I know that feeling trust me.. You just have to back yourself and believe in yourself. Understand that everybody goes through that while trading not just you and give yourself some credit for even being here and trading still. You're doing fucking great keep your head up and just trade extremely small positions to build confidence again! You got this!!

Just_Gains Sep 22, 20 10:58 AM

Much love brother. You are early in your journey, keep your head up and keep working. Believe in yourself and enjoy the process. We will both be very successful traders soon enough.

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successfully linked my Trade Zero account!! Finally figured it out lol. If you need help, feel free to ask. TradeZero is the account i do all my shorting with. I only shot stocks above 1$ for now. My OTC broker is ThinkorSwim. But because i'm in Canada, ToS doesn't want to sync to Maybe some day i'll be fully transparent and verified!

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CrisLima Nov 19, 20 9:34 AM

@Blackburner, I am struggling here trying to find a way to link my Tradezero account. Could you help me with some directions?

MCurtis Jan 12, 9:55 AM

@Blackburner Yes I need some help linking the account. . I found the coede on TradeZero but what do I do from there? I appreciate any help you can give me.

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@peterblack just became a fully transparent trader today!

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Blackburner Aug 06, 20 12:48 PM

I sadly can't sync any of my trades. And the bulk upload function doesn't work very well so I've got no trades to show my performance sadly.

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